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stunning italian history

...that Lošinj has over 220 km of walking and cycling trails on 5 islands

stunning italian history

...that Lošinj and Cres archipelago are Adriatic native home of dolphins and endemical speaces of birds

stunning italian history...that Mali Lošinj this year celebrates 120th anniversary of tourism

stunning italian history...that island Lošinj has average 2.580 hours of sun a year which is comparable to North Africa regions and in 1892, was officially proclaimed health resort.

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Wellness hotel AURORA ****

stunning italian history

The Hotel Aurora is located in the beautiful Sunny Bay, surrounded by the blue sea and green centuries-old pine-wood. It is only 50 m far from the sea, next to the sports facilities, and a 20-minute stroll from the centre of Mali Lošinj. The Hotel is going to be completely renovated in 2007 / 2008.
Family hotel VESPERA ****

sea, the beaches

The Hotel Vespera is located in the beautiful Sunny Bay, surrounded by the blue sea and green centuries-old pine-wood. It is only 50 m far from the sea and a 20-minute (2 km) stroll from the center of Mali Lošinj. Open from spring to autumn. The Vespera hotel is a perfect choice for family vacation. Hotel category **** (4) stars.
Apartments PUNTINETTA *** - Special winter offer

sea, the beaches

House Puntinetta is located in the beautiful town of Veli Losinj, right next to the beach. Discover therapeutic properties of the island climate during winter.

Pansion villa SATURN *** - bed & breakfast

sea, the beaches

Special offer from 15.09. vila SATURN, Veli Losinj. Rooms with breakfast from 20,-EUR per person. Have a relaxing vacation in small family hotel in Veli Losinj

Wellness hotel PUNTA ***

sea, the beaches

reduce the tension and release your vital energy!

Yacht charter special offer for Septembar

sea, the beaches

for the period from 20.09. till 27.09.

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One of the Most Beautiful Archipelago in the Adriatic - The Pearl of Adriatic

stunning italian history

The island of Lošinj is part of the Cres - Lošinj archipelago, the biggest group of islands in the Croatian Adriatic. The Lošinj islands comprise Lošinj, Unije, Ilovik, Susak, Vele Srakane, Male Srakane and 30 other smaller islands, islets and rocks.
Mali Lošinj is the biggest town on the Adriatic islands, well known for its long tourist tradition. The fact that you can find an isolated beach far from the stress of civilization by taking a 15 - minute walk from the town centre makes this place special.
Veli Lošinj, the first larger settlement on the island, thus named ´Veli´ (big), is smaller than Mali (small) Lošinj today. Veli Lošinj was one of the favourite climate health resorts among the Austrian aristocracy, and is still renowned today. Facades painted in lively colours, a church and a tower adorn the small town harbour.
The Mediterranean brings its scents and beauties closer to Europe, and the specific climate characteristics make these islands a perfect place for a holiday throughout the year. Small picturesque towns, gravelly beaches, numerous green paths and promenades, fine restaurants by the sea and cafés on the quay, comfortable hotels and hospitable people are reasons enough to spend your holiday on Lošinj!

Island Lošinj short history - Apsyrtides

sea, the beaches
The historical name of the archipelago - Apsyrtides - is associated with a legend about a mythical hero called Apsyrt, who his sister Medeia had killed. She threw parts of his body into the sea and they turned into the Apsyrtides Islands. The history of the oldest settlements on the islands (Lubenice, Osor, Beli) goes back over 4000 years, and the Roman town of Osor was the Bishopric seat in the 9th century. Having been practically uninhabited until the 13th century, by the 19th century Lošinj developed into one of the leading regional maritime forces, and the town of Mali Lošinj became the second most important harbour in the Mediterranean, after Trieste. The people of Lošinj were esteemed as the best navigators in the Mediterranean. It was in this era that the architectural appearance of the centre of Mali Lošinj was defined, and it has remained almost unchanged to this day. The first hotel was built in 1887 and called Vindobona, after the Roman name for Vienna. Because of its exceptional climate characteristics, Lošinj was pronounced a climate health resort, pursuant to a decree passed by the Ministry of Health of the Austro - Hungarian Monarchy. Lošinj became one the favourite holiday destinations among the Austro - Hungarian aristocracy, who built numerous villas and summer residences which still adorn Lošinj today.

Lošinj health resort since 1892.

sea, the beaches
The local inhabitants of the island of Lošinj have always been aware of the pleasant, healing and almost miraculous effect of the climate on their island. In 1880 Ambroz Haračić, a professor of renowned nautical school initiated his 25 year-long meteorological observation which, scientific in its approach, confirmed exceptional properties of the island’s climate. In 1885 dr. Conrad Klar, a famous Austrian specialist for allergies and respiratory diseases, brought his son on the island to recover from a grave disease. Three weeks later his son was fully recovered and dr. Klar familiarized the experts with a phenomenon of Lošinj. In 1892 on the basis of meteorological measurements carried out by Ambroz Haračić and further analysis of the Viennese experts, Mali and Veli Lošinj were proclaimed the health resorts by the contemporary State Ministry of Health of Austro-Hungarian monarchy. Several factors make the climate of the island unique.
The island is approximately 30 km distant from the land which eases the effect of strong north wind and cold European anticyclone. It is also very narrow and long with the maximum width to 5 km which does not allow the extreme cooling of the sea and the favourable effect of the aerosol may be felt on the entire island. It is located on the dividing line between the East European anticyclone and Mediterranean cyclone which eases the influence and unpleasant effect of these disturbances. The natural healing factors of the island are the result of the climate, air, sea water, vegetation, footpaths, trails and Sun radiating. The latest analysis dating back to the period between 1981-1991 have confirmed all the basic information collected at the end of the 19th century.

Island Lošinj the first nature reserve for the dolphins in the Mediterranean

sea, the beaches

On the Dolphin Day celebration, 06.08.2006. in Veli Lošinj, Department for the Protection of Nature, Ministry of Culture, proclaimed the nature reserve of Lošinj the first protected sea area with the aim of the protection of bottlenose dolphins in the Mediterranean and the largest protected sea area in the Adriatic.
The colony of bottlenose dolphins, inhabiting the local waters of Lošinj area witness its cleanliness and make it unique.
Blue World Institute of Marine Research and Conservation, is a local Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), set up with the intention to carry out research and promote public awareness which was initially started and managed by Tethys Research Institute from Milan in 1987 as the Adriatic Dolphin Project (ADP).
By participating in the Blue World “Adopt a dolphin” campaign you can make your own contribution to the research and preservation of the dolphins. Your donation will help the continuation of the project and in return you can get a T-shirt, Adoption Certificate, photo of your dolphin with informative text and a leaflet on Blue World-“Aquamarin.”


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Promenades an d footpaths

sea, the beaches

Over 220 km long stretch of hiking paths and trails follow the shore and inland of the island. Enjoy a wide variety of walking tours, ranging from the strolls along the sea shore or more demanding hike surrounded with scented luxuriant vegetation of the island of Lošinj.

Seaside promenades and easy footpaths
Spread as far as the sea shore, follow numerous coves and small bays, passing through centenary pine-woods. The paths near the town centre and hotel are paved. In the southern part of the island they turn into less demanding hiking paths taking you down to secluded beaches.
Belvedere Monte Baston
Situated in Mali Lošinj. Covered with easy footpaths, surrounded with wooded park Čikat and joined by the seaside promenade. The belvedere is overlooking the town with port and neighbouring islands of Susak and Srakane.

More demanding footpaths
Suitable for active and experienced walkers as well as those who wish to experience the real hiking adventure. Intact nature and numerous belvederes with a breathtaking view of the archipelago make these footpaths attractive.
Hill of St. Ivan
The footpaths are less demanding with only few challenging climbs (from Veli Lošinj and Krivica cove). The magnificent view overlooking town of Veli Lošinj and islands of Ilovik, Male and Vele Orjule. Joined with seaside promenades. Accessible from the direction of Mali and Veli Lošinj.
Hill of Osoršćica and peak Televrin (589 m)
The highest peak of Lošinj offers a breathtaking view of the entire Lošinj archipelago, neighbouring islands (Rab, Pag) and Istria. Accessible from the direction of Osor, Nerezine and Ćunski..

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